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Body Contouring

ZERONA is the only FDA cleared medical procedure for the circumferential reduction of the waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms. ZERONA contours an anatomical area by safely disrupting the fat cell’s outer membranes, resulting in the release of stored intracellular lipids. Once released, the stored lipids can be safely removed and processed by the body. Knowing that the fat removal process will take several hours, perhaps several days, how is it possible that ZERONA can reduce a person’s waist circumference after just one treatment? Simple – hydrophobicity! For all you chefs out there, you are already familiar with the principles of hydrophobicity. When oil is added to water, what happens? Oil droplets form.

How It Works

This occurs because the long nonpolar chains of fat and the smallpolar water molecules are immiscible – basically meaning theycan’t combine or properly mix together. Fat is considered to be ahydrophobic molecule, which means it fears water.When ZERONA disrupts the fat’s cell membrane, releasing thestored fat, the fat leaves the controlled cell environment and entersinto an aqueous environment (water environment). Quickly,the fat will shift and combine with neighboring hydrophobicmolecules based on the principles of hydrophobicity to avoidwater. In turn, a single treatment with ZERONA can yield acircumferential reduction as the fat in the treatment area can shiftabove or below the measurement point. Of course, the fat muststill be removed from the area via the lymphatic system, but in theshort term, ZERONA, along with the principles of hydrophobicity,help to generate your trimmer waist!

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