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Nutritional Counseling

Wellness Within

Even if you are not a chiropractic patient, you may come in for a nutritional consultation. Especially for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, ulcerative colitis, and chron’s disease. Dr. Ritchie received her bachelors degree from Life University in dietetics in 2006 and will advise you based on your medical history, available lab results, medical diagnosis or other recent, valid test results to allow for a proper assessment of nutritional needs.

Dr. Ritchie uses only whole food supplements, and high quality herbs provided by Standard Process, and MediHerb. The quality of the supplements produced by these companies is unsurpassed and their processing methods preserve as much of the essential nutritional, herbal and healing value of the natural substances used as possible.

The whole food concept of supplementation used by Standard Process acknowledges that we may not be able to isolate all of the nutrients our body derives from whole, live foods, and there may be nutrients we are not yet aware of in fresh fruits and vegetables. With whole food supplements, vitamins are not isolated or synthesized in a laboratory. The whole food is dried and condensed in a way that preserves the enzymes and provides the whole vitamin complexes in their synergistic, natural form.

Standard Process has been producing quality whole food supplements for over 75 years. MediHerb, known for their commitment to quality, has now partnered with Standard Process to provide innovative herbal solutions.

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